You mean the world to…

… the cashier you smiled at, the one who was being yelled at by a customer at the convenience store because she gave him incorrect change for the six-pack of beer he had just purchased.  She didn’t smile back at you, she was busy shielding herself from the man’s curses.  But you could tell from the look in her eyes that she needed your encouragement.  She was someone’s mother perhaps, who had stayed up all night caring for her sick baby, or a woman whose husband had just left her for another, or maybe she was trying not to worry about her son at home, the one who was suspended from school for bringing a pocketknife to class as a prank.

See what kindness can do:


About The Power In You

A soul, like you, that believes in the amazing qualities we share. There are days I grow weary and frazzled from interactions I've had with others. And sure, there are times when I want to curse, yell and shake my fist at people. Let's face it - we are annoying, we get on each others' nerves, we pick, meddle, interfere and say things we later regret. But when we step back and bite our tongue, take a deep, deep breath and react with kindness despite the anger welling up within ... well, it's absolutely amazing what one tiny gesture can do. There is kindness all around us, but most importantly, there is a limitless, infinite amount within us as well.
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