The Blog

Inside each of us is the power to affect others in incredibly wonderful ways.  Like the butterfly effect, every little thing we do can have the most profound significance to another human being.

New posts are added to the blog three times a week.

This site is for informational purposes and not intended to impose personal beliefs on any individuals.

The Story

This blog is a response to something my sister said to me once.  She was born 16 weeks premature and faced many challenges growing up.  She never complained about her health issues, but accepted them gracefully.  She saw goodness in everyone and everything, always giving little gifts to cheer up a friend or family member.  So when she said to me once, “My life doesn’t mean anything.  I haven’t accomplished any major things…,” I immediately responded:

“Your life has more meaning that you realize.  Every little thing you do, every little gift you give, every smile, has the biggest effect on those around you.”

My sister died two years ago, but her hope and goodness continue in the hearts of those she touched.

The Author

A soul, like you, that believes in the amazing qualities we share.  There are days I grow weary and frazzled from interactions I’ve had with others.  And sure, there are times when I want to curse, yell and shake my fist at people.  Let’s face it – we are annoying, we get on each others’ nerves, we pick, meddle, interfere and say things we later regret.  But when we step back and bite our tongue, take a deep, deep breath and react with kindness despite the anger welling up within … well, it’s absolutely amazing what one tiny gesture can do.  There is kindness all around us, but most importantly, there is a limitless, infinite amount within us as well.

Contact me: thepowerinyou1[at]gmail.com


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